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Our Story

Once upon a time...


...there were two best friends who loved to geek out.  They would talk about great games, great books, great anime and great movies.  They would compare and argue over age old questions such as Star Trek versus Star Wars, DC verses Marvel, Ghibli verses Disney.  But the one thing they mourned was the ability to wear clothes that would show their great love of nerd lore to the world, while still looking super cute.  Sure, some just wanted t-shirts, but they wanted more.  They dreamed of a day when when they could wear dresses, skirts, leggings, pajamas and more that would not only have their favorite fandom, but would also look great on their very different body shapes and personal styles.  Thus a dream was born...

What if they could MAKE their own line of geeky fashion?  After all, one best friend was a professional artist for one of the biggest animation studios in the world.  The other friend was a professional business woman, who know how to make and execute a plan.  Together, they would beat the odds and give rise to a brand of geek fashion that was inclusive of all styles, of  all body types, and of all fandoms.

Now they ask you to help them achieve their happy ending....