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Sailor Moon Tiara Head Chain DIY

Victoria Ying

Ready for another DIY? We've all been inspired by the new episodes of Sailor Moon and I wanted to do something that could make us Feel the POWER of the moon! Head Chains are super hip right now and tiara's are always accessories that make us feel like royals so why not? Instructions and material list follows 


- Sailor Moon Necklace (We got ours on eBay) You will only need one charm for this tutorial, so you can choose which scout you would like to represent! 

- Measuring Tape

-Two Types of chain, you can get decorative ones if your local craft store carries them too

- 5 7mm jump rings 

- Needle Nose Pliers

Step 1) Measure Your head, from the top where you want the charm to sit to the middle of the back of your head

Step 2) Measure all the way around your head where the chain will sit. Then divide this number in half. 

Step 3) Use those measurements you took of your head and cut your thin chain to those measurements. One should be for from the front to the back, and two should be the measurements around your head divided in half. 

Step 4) Take your thicker chain and add one inch to the halves that go around your head and cut the chain (example: if the half that goes around your head is 10" then cut the thicker chain at 11")

Step 5) Arrange your chains and charm as shown and add jump rings to attach together. I also added three extra jump rings so that the charm hung lower. 

Step 6) Add a jump ring on the back, making sure to keep the chains in the correct order

And that's it! Now you're ready to go hitting the clubs in the name of the Moon!