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Kill La Kill- Senketsu Shoes


Kill La Kill- Senketsu Shoes

Victoria Ying

Ever wish you could have a magical super uniform buddy who could help you get revenge like Senketsu? Us too! We were inspired to do these Keds style shoes to honor the coolest school uniform ever! 

Supply List


Xacto Blade

Cutting Board

White Pencil

Fabric/Craft Paint: White, Black, Yellow, Red, Navy

Red Shoelaces 

(optional) White Sharpie Paint Pen 

Download the Template here! 

Step 1

Tape off the rubber parts of the shoes (or if you're really confident you can skip this step

Step 2

Senketsu has an eyepatch on one eye, so make sure that you tape off the part that will stay black. Use the template cut out to make sure there's enough room for the X eye. 

Step 3 

Paint the front portion Blue - This step takes about 3 coats, if you're impatient like me, you can use a blow drier to speed up this process.  


Step 4

Use the masking tape to tape off a section for the red stripe on the sailor Suit 


Step 5

Use the template to use the white pencil to sketch the eye

Step 6 

Use the masking tape to create a mask template for each layer, go from light to dark (except for the highlight) You can use the Xacto to create soft curves if you like. 

Step 7 

You could stop here if you want a basic Senketsu! If you want yours to have more bite, use a white Sharpie Paint Pen to draw on some cool teeth. I did these freehand, but I included an approximate shape in the template. 

Post pics of your own creations! Let us know if you guys have any questions!