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DIY Luna Eye Mask

Victoria Ying

Catch some ZZzz's with our girl Luna! this simple DIY makes for great gifts or a fun thing to do for your Sailor Moon parties! 



Eye mask 

Stencil Sponges 

Download Stencils Here

Black Felt

Hot Glue Gun 

Xacto Knife


Martha Stewart Craft Paint

This DIY is brought to you with help from Treeson! 

Treeson Loves Martha's Sponges! Easy to clean! 

Treeson Loves Martha's Sponges! Easy to clean! 

Step 1: 

Download our Template for Luna's Eyes, Slowly, and with a BRAND NEW Xacto blade, cut out the shapes as shown. 

Step 2: 

Hold the template up to a light and line up the eye mask to the template, tape the back of the eye mask to the template


Step 3: 

Squeeze out the paint and use the the sponges to stencil in the whites of the eyes. Don't try to oversaturate the template, as this will lead to some bleeding, try to do a few layers. I did 2 layers for mine. 


Step 4: 

Wait until the whites dry (THIS COULD TAKE A WHILE) Don't rush and try to use a hair drier: these eye masks don't respond well to heat. Just be patient and wait 


Step 5: 

While you're waiting, cut out the ears from the template

Step 6: 

Once the whites are dry, Line up the template, tape it to the back like before and stencil in the browns of the eyes


Step 7: 

Last step! Hot glue the ears onto the eye mask, and you're done!

You can use our template to make all sorts of different eye masks, you can use a white mask and make Artemis! I would use a baby blue for the eye whites if you're going to do Artemis.