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We're bad and we know it!

Georgia Kicklighter

I am sure a few of you have clicked on our blog, only to say "No update since March?"

So please let me defend ourselves a bit!  Since March 30 we have:

  • Launched our online store
  • Finished our look book
  • Launched our summer line
  • Launched our officially licensed Naruto Line
  • Attended WonderCon, Anime Expo and Comic Con as vendors
  • Attended the Las Vegas Licensing Show, including meetings with several big name brands
  • Created a warehouse and got all our new stuff organized
  • Added a bunch of new purses and jewelry

A little slack and all your love is really appreciated!  We are both going to make a concerted effort to update this a little more often, with info on our new stuff, updates on how certain shows went (even if they were months and weeks ago) and let you know as we finalize new lines moving forward.

In the meantime, thank you to our loyal fans who have followed us online and at cons!  I am happy to report we are happily growing with your support!  That means more awesome stuff for you all in the future!  Stay tuned and see what comes next!

Cinderella Costume Design Illustrations

Victoria Ying

We hope everyone is as excited about the new Cinderella from Disney as we are! All of the tidbits we are getting about the costumes is just so exciting! We love the process of design from sketch to final and seeing these are just a great insight into the movie making process!

Cute Fashionable Disney Wear from Forever 21

Victoria Ying

Forever 21 has been on a winning streak lately! I've been looking to them more and more for affordable cute wear and these Mickey and Minnie pieces are so charming! They're almost as good as the other collaborations from Wood Wood! 

My personal favorite is the button down top. It's perfect for work with a cute wink towards our nerdy predilections. I picked a couple of cropped picks as well because I feel like they are a great way to mix up your silhouette! you can wear them with skinny jeans or high waisted skirts!

Amazing Tinkerbell inspired Hats

Victoria Ying

Alexandra Harper Millinery has created this capsule collection that celebrates Tinkerbell in all her forms! 

It always feels a shame that we can't wear hats as often as fashionable people in the past could. I almost imagine that these types of hats are only acceptable at Royal Weddings now. Which is too bad because they are amazing! 

Source Disney Style 

Take a peek at the Costumes from Disney's Cinderella

Victoria Ying

While I will admit that I was hesitant about this film when it was first announced (we already have the perfect live action Cinderella, Disney, it's called "Ever After!") When I saw the trailer I immediately changed my mind and couldn't help getting excited.

Part of it is simply the casting, Robb Stark as Prince Charming? Yes please! And Cate Blanchett is always one of my favorite actresses. I think she'll be able to pull of fabulously evil almost as well as Angelica Houston (who am I kidding? Angelica is the QUEEN!) 


Still! Look at these pics! The detail in the costumes is just amazing! I love the tacky colors and odd patterns on the stepsisters (who apparently did not inherit their mother's natural ability to look FLAWLESS) And Cate's amazing black and green brochade 

These were shot by Annie Lebowitz who at this point is old hat with Disney and fashion. Still everyone is looking amazing in these shots!

Now here's where I'll start to whine. I always hated how Now a Days Cinderella's Dress is blue. It's not supposed to be blue! It's Silver in the original film! I wish that we could stick with that color as it looks amazing in the animated version, but c'est la vie. I will say that our price is indeed looking quite dashing! 

Minnie Mouse and LeSportsac

Victoria Ying

With a long line of great Disney collars, LeSportsac has a new one featuring our favorite female Mouse! My favorite collection from them was their tribute to Mary Blair and Small World, but this collection with Minnie designed in a way to call back to her retro roots is coming a close second! 

These are all currently available over at 

Star Wars Finds

Victoria Ying

Now that everyone lost their damn minds over the weekend over the Star Wars teaser, I thought it might be fun to show your support for this new film with a couple of fun Star wars finds! 


First up is this ADORABLE R2 Rolling Luggage! Can you imagine how many looks you would get walking through the airport with this little dude this holiday season? Click here to buy 

Loving this simple charm bracelet. I've always been hesitant about charm bracelets, sometimes I think that they look silly or downright tacky, but this one has got just the right mix of charm to bracelet ratio and the one color helps a lot! Click to buy!

Walking Dead Bags

Victoria Ying

Walking Dead has been on TV again for a few weeks and we came across this awesome bag via Fashionably Geek that we just Loved! The tribal pattern is a hint to Michonne's costume and the katana strap is just the cleverest idea. I bet this would be a fabulous bag to carry around to conventions. 

Click here to buy!


Little Girl cosplays at Disneyland thanks to Creative Mom!

Victoria Ying

Mom of Lane Rouch Jennifer Rouch wanted to encourage her daughter to not be shy by making her these elaborate Disney cosplay outfits and taking her to Disneyland! I can't imagine a better way to get over fear of talking to strangers than this! As a shy kid myself, I bet that I would have learned to talk to older people a lot sooner if I got to do stuff like this! 

Source: Nerdist